Theo Harvey is a music producer, composer and director from the U.K. From a young age he was surrounded by musical influences and was inspired to pursue music by his father who is world renowned Baritone Mark Holland. 

Falling in love with rhythm straight away, he took up the drum kit, which he has played since he was 5 years old.
His natural abilities behind the kit, and disciplined rigorous practice resulted in him performing as a session musician for the metal band Ravenface at the age of 16, and following that, in the sparkling breakthrough groove metal act No Sin Evades His Gaze.

Over the years, Theo has taught himself guitar, bass and composition to a high level and also slowly developed a love for film production and cinematic music. Indeed, upon first hearing Howard Shore's stunning score for the movie The Lord Of The Rings, he was instantly hooked and the fire was lit to follow in both his dad's and Shore's footsteps in the music/film industry. Therefore, following a four year period of online success, touring and festival appearances with No Sin, Theo decided his time in the band had come to an end. Moving to Los Angeles to further forward his career and education in producing and composing.

Theo has a strong passion for all things music and all things involving a still or moving image.
He will always strive to create the most accurate representation musically/cinematically of whatever brief he is given, be it a full film score, music video, session work on an album/song or a cover.

Professional and prompt service is mandatory, all material is recorded in Theo's Los Angeles based studio, which is equipped with high end pre-amplifiers, the latest and most interesting software samples, The latest version of Pro Tools and a wide variety of high quality microphones and instruments.
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Thank you for your interest!