Interstellar Orchestral Metal Arrangement

The score of the film "Interstellar" by Hans Zimmer is genuinely ground breaking. It really struck a chord (pardon the pun) with me when I watched the film & it inspired me to create my own guitar driven version. I really enjoyed taking the atmospheric and surreal yet powerful sound that Hans created and putting my own spin on it. 


Vision Ears

I'm ridiculously happy to start working as an artist with an awesome company called Vision Ears. These guys create handmade, and absolutely stunning custom in ear monitors. They arrived today and I was absolutely stunned by the attention to detail in even the box containing my them.
I won't even start on the sound of these things as it is simply insane. A huge thank you to them and owner Mr Amin Karimpour for being so kind to me!! I can't wait to get these on the road!!

TRX Cymbals

Ever since I started drumming, becoming an endorsed artist was always the one think I wanted more than anything else, it always looked like such an unreachable goal, one that I couldn't attain and was limited to those I read about in the magazines and online. 
So it is with a RIDICULOUS amount of pride that I am able to say that I have signed as an artist with TRX Cymbals, and am proudly endorsing their products. This is a very big deal for me, and I am very excited for the future with the company. 
I love the cymbals and I love the people I am working with at TRX. 

Cheers to that!! 


Cross-Country Adventures

I am currently having the most insanely busy week - it a started with me recieving a phone call on Sunday asking me to race down to London that night to hang out with the brilliant director duo Flex-Film and help them on their shoots; so I am currently knee deep in day long Commercial shooting & I then have the insane opportunity of shooting a camera on a live video for James Bay at KOKO in Camden on Thuraday. 

Following the live shoot I am driving four hours back home that night to pack all of my gear and two band mates into my car to play a gig in Camden myself at The Black Heart on Friday.    

Talk about a lot of driving! 

I absolutely love being busy - but I will certainly enjoy a long lie in come Sunday. 

 Birds eye setup with the Blackmagic 4k production camera

Birds eye setup with the Blackmagic 4k production camera

Shots from The Alps

I went on a trip to Avoriaz, in the French Alps, skiing with a friend a couple of weeks back. 
I took my camera out one day and got a few nice photos: so here they are for anyone who wants to view them! 

You can hire me as a photographer if you do wish,
it is not listed as a service, however I do enjoy taking pictures and I have the necessary equipment! 




Video Shoot

Yesterday after very little sleep, I drove down to a rather large, dark and grimy warehouse in Newbury with two of my band members to shoot a music video for our latest single.
After much stress and work, driving an eight hour round trip and playing the same song over and over, we have something rather special in the works, I can't wait to get it out. 


Talent vs. Hard Work

I am a firm believer in the fact that someone who has outright talent at a certain ability, can outperform someone who does not have the same amount of natural affinity for that certain ability. 
However, if the person lacking the natural abilities of the latter, continued to strive towards the same goal, with relentless optimism: if he or she went out to learn and become masterful at every aspect of their goal and didn't let anything stop them, and the person with natural talent just rested on their laurels; then inevitably, they will be surpassed in every way.

No matter how talented you are at what you do, strive to learn and absorb everything you can about it, and never stop climbing the tree of self improvement 
A family member told me, "You can learn something new from every single person on the planet, so always be willing to listen with absolutely no contempt." and that will always be the greatest advice I have ever received.