Talent vs. Hard Work

I am a firm believer in the fact that someone who has outright talent at a certain ability, can outperform someone who does not have the same amount of natural affinity for that certain ability. 
However, if the person lacking the natural abilities of the latter, continued to strive towards the same goal, with relentless optimism: if he or she went out to learn and become masterful at every aspect of their goal and didn't let anything stop them, and the person with natural talent just rested on their laurels; then inevitably, they will be surpassed in every way.

No matter how talented you are at what you do, strive to learn and absorb everything you can about it, and never stop climbing the tree of self improvement 
A family member told me, "You can learn something new from every single person on the planet, so always be willing to listen with absolutely no contempt." and that will always be the greatest advice I have ever received.